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Hi helpful community!

Apologies if this is patently obvious or answered somewhere, but I’ve searched and used Keap chat service without success.

I’m not technical and we recently launched a new website developed by a team unfamiliar with Infusionsoft integration. They have managed to link our website contact form to our Infusionsoft database such that all prospect information is correctly populated (e.g. name, email address, phone number, comments).

They are struggling with the tags needed to 1) initiate the short term nurture campaigns we have, and 2) tag the prospect’s email address as ‘marketable’.

All the campaigns and tags we are using have worked perfectly for 5+ years, so the issue is just the syntax of linking the back end form to Infusionsoft with the correct tags.

Is there an Idiot’s Guide article or video that will help get them up to speed?

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!

If you are using a native Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) web form to capture the data, the person is automatically marked ‘unconfirmed’ for their email status (basically marketable single opt-in).

If you want to trigger a tag, set up a Sequence behind the form submission goal and apply the tag in that sequence. The form submission will send them into that sequence and then that goal will get triggered.

If you are using some other 3rd party form, we would need lots more info to determine what would be needed to trigger the actions you have listed.

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Just wondering if the Web Form Code has been properly copied from your Campaign here.

Infusionsoft guide: Create a Web Form | Max Classic

Here is an older video about embedding the Web Form Code into another website.