Trying to pass data into Infusionsoft via Zapier and Typeform

Hi there,

I was directed here by a staff member at infusionsoft. I’m a small language-learning business and my goal in solving this issue is to segment my contacts by the language they’re learning. I currently don’t have that set up. Currently I have:

Thrive Leads Opt-In Form → Apply Tag → Tag Triggers Campaign Email Sequence (confirmation email, 1st email etc.)

At the step after “Apply Tag”, they land on a Thank-You page. On that page, I’d like to embed a Typeform which functions similarly to an Infusionsoft Web Form. In the Typeform, I want to ask them what their target language is (via custom field “What is your target language?”- this custom field has a dropdown set of answers (spanish, french, german, etc.). To summarize:

Typeform Survey → Run Action Set → Apply Tag (target language)

I’m trying to accomplish this by connection Infusionsoft and Typeform via Zapier. But I’m struggling on part of trying to connect the Action Set (applying the tag) with the typeform dropdown conditional answer.

I had the staff member at Infusionsoft suggest I do an “API Call” to get that information into infusionsoft and function much like it would if they filled out the Infusionsoft hosted web form that asks the same thing. The reason I don’t want to do the web form is because it looks bad and it’s very limited in functionality (i.e. won’t convert well).

She gave me the following links:

  1. xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal
  2. Keap REST API

I’m quite limited in my skillset regarding this. Please let me know if I should clarify anything further.

Just to clarify, you are looking to do this via integration with Zapier, not develop your own custom self-hosted application to consume and transform the data?

Hi Tom,

Yes, I’m just looking for the simplest solution for now. I already have a premium account with Zapier so I’d just like to run an automation with it (unless you know of something more simple).

Alright, moving this thread to the Q&A forum to get more input; you wouldn’t be directly interfacing with the API, rather it would be Zapier hiding all of that communication for you.