Opt in forms and contact forms

Dear all, I’m new to Infusionsoft and I struggle to understand how to create effective opt in forms and contact forms…
I use wordpress, this is my website http://learnwithmummy.com (not yet migrated to infusionsoft for the above mentioned reason)

The Official opt in plugin is way too limited, it allows only name and email and I absolutely need at least another field (plus drop down menus on some forms)

As for contact forms, I currently used CF7 but the plugin that links it to infusionsoft has not been updated in the last 2 years, not a good sign…

I tried Form Lift, but failed (I got a “Did not process request from …IP… due to Proxy” error message)

I’m short of ideas…

Can anybody help?


@Adrian_Tobey, would be best to ask about this.

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Hi @Letizia_Quaranta,

I had replied to your email as well. You are browsing through a proxy server, Infusionsoft itself is preventing your from signing up for the free trial because the IP address of said proxy is likely blacklisted.

However, you do not need premium to use FormLift, it works fine without being licensed, you just won’t have access to premium features.


Thanks Adrian, yes, problem solved now. time to start testing!
Thanks to John, too

I currently use Gravity Forms on my WP site that has a TON of functionality, and also will connect to IS using Zapier. Zapier and GFs are very affordable and works excellent on my WP site.

Louis, thanks for your message. I see your point, using zapier instead of the out of date plugin to connect gravity forms to infusionsoft… Anyway I have given a go at Form Lift and I’m happy with my experience with it so far, I hope the reporting will be good too, I can’t tell yet. Thanks,


I start using Thrive Leads.

Hi Letizia,

Have you looked at the new landing page WordPress plugin? This enables you to build pages in IS and then embed them into your WordPress site?

Also, you can copy the code into a box on your WordPress website and these can be whatever you want. If you look on our website at the footer form at the bottom you’ll see an example of an IS embedded form. https://flowbird.co.uk/

Hi Jason, I haven’t looked at it yet, but as I needed form, not landing pages, I don’t think it’s what I need. I’ll keep it in mind in case I do specific work on landing pages though, thanks!

Hello Letlzla,

We suggest below form plugins add-ons.

Gravity Forms - Infusionsoft Integration

Contact Form 7 - Infusionsoft Integration

Thanks & Regards,

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Hey Jason. Your answer seems to answer my question but am not having luck find any doc or tutorials for this. Do you know of any? Thanks in advance!

Hi Adrian. Great job on your plugin (Formlift) ! On the video tutorial page, there is 6 video tutorials. Which one is the very first and/or is there one? Thanks in advance.