Wordpress Plug-In

The Wordpress Plug-in looks great but it doesn’t allow for additional fields beyond Name, Email Address. Does anyone know when this will be updated to include additional fields?

Hey @Karen_Cavanagh I do not have exact details, but I did get word, that as development continues on the plugin, that this may be a possibility. The developer is working on enhancements on the way the plug-in connects to Infusionsoft.

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What might the timing be? I’m launching new sites for clients every month. Might this be included in an update by September or October?

I’ll see what I can dig up on this, Karen. I am not sure what behind the scenes development is underway, as they are making advancements to the API connection of the plug-in.

That bodes well! They are probably really seeking to address this.

Only having access to First Name, Last Name and email address was beyond disappointing.

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it would be great if we could have additional fields in the WordPress opt in form plugin!!!

I’d like to see them embed Google Analytics UTM capture and Lead Source as a priority. The Infusionsoft Opt-in Wordpress Plug-in is a great concept – it just doesn’t support multiple sites and extra values that make it useful for marketers. I could do without all the template for better integration with Infusionsoft.



Hi James, still no news? It doesn’t make much sense to have a system that can handle tons of data and then an entry point that can capture only two items…

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There are alternative plugins if you need more fields. Like FormLift