Integrating a pre-existing Wordpress contact form on our website with a campaign sequence within IS

I installed the Infusionsoft plug-in into my Wordpress account. I need to link the existing contact form that already exists on our website to the Wordpress Opt-In goal within a campaign. So that when someone fills out the contact form on our website, it automatically integrates into my IS campaign. Would REALLY appreciate some help with this.

For the non IS optin plugin form, you would need to implement a clicks a link goal or raises a tag goal approach. The optin form goal is specific to those forms created by the IS WP plugin, not other third party optin forms.

Which method would you recommend? Also, how would i go about doing that? I’m sorry I’m very new to IS and the chat personnel are not trained on integrations and my coach is out of town for the week.

I personally either use GravityForms (which has an IS plugin to map the contact into IS) or I write code that a form sends to and update with the API. For the non-programmer, GravityForms would be the easiest thing to use or use the WP IS Optin plugin to create your contact forms with.