Newbie ques: best way to integrate existing Wordpress forms back to IS

I am new to IS as of today (migrating from a dif mktg automation platform). I’m using Contact Form 7 in Wordpress - what’s the best way to get my form data back into IS? I see there’s a IS plugin for Wordpress but that seems to be for popups. I’ve seen an outdated Contact Form 7 plugin that integrates into IS and a Gravity Forms integration too that appears to be outdated as well.

I’m surprised with 1/3 of the websites out there on Wordpress and the largest mktg automation platform that there isn’t an easier way to do this or more info on how best to do this. I found very little in Google or YouTube

Your feedback is appreciated.

Due to the dwindling support for the two plugin’s you mentioned (GF and CF7) we have been recommending post to a script solutions (which we create). Both seem to work still but as you’ve noted, there seems to be a separation from support for them. A script solution is therefor a more maintainable approach.

Check out FormLift, @Toby_Danylchuk. I haven’t used it but have heard really good things about the Wordpress Plugin just for Infusionsoft forms of all kinds.