Non-Duplicates Writing Over Exsisting Client Records

Ok - I thought I was loosing it but I have found where new Clients are coming through the system and they see the email is the same, the system automatically overwrites the exsisting Data - I thought there was more than just 1 check system in place?

Our Answering service has a habit of entering the email “” and apparatentley, the boss did quite a bit of work in the record only to find it gone…

This is ALL I can think of??

Help. :cry:

Nope unless you set it up differently, email is ruler.

How are they entering the data into the system? If you use an internal form or a webform you can change the dedupe setting to NAME and EMAIL getting round that issue.

Hope that helps


Andy Andy Andy…

You seem to think I know what you are talking about! Hahaha!

I think I found a resolution – We utilize an Answering Service and have the email field marked
as required – They will put or something along those lines.

I think instead, I’m going to make it an optional field and when it comes over as “empty” –
I’ll Tag it accordingly and avoid this issue entirely.

I do have a question though – It is with much embarrassment I ask where these settings are?

I know how to run a duplicate check but do not know where to setup the parameters for new Clients
coming in?

So only works on Internal Forms, Webforms and the ‘Old’ Landing page builder - go to settings there and you will find a dropdown that changes what the system uses for dupe checking.

Forgive me - The “Old” builder?

I only use Campaign Builder

In campaign builder you have Landing Page builder (New and at the top of the list) and the (old and at the bottom of the list) landing page builder called ‘Landing Page Submitted’

Hope that helps


Actually that makes sense? I think…

Regarding Internal Forms - Being they are our Answering Service - I have them fill out a Jotform url which is linked to our website.

You’re suggesting I get rid of Jotform and create a Landing Page?

Thats a great question.

Now I LOVE JotForms - there is a lot of additional power there.

However in this case the answer must be a tentative maybe. I can’t remember off the top of my head if you can tell JotForms to do de-duping differently, you would have to check. If it can then cool beans!

if it can’t then its a maybe.

Without seeing your entire process I wouldn’t want to advise to be honest


I love Jotform too - BUT - I believe I may have found something my heart is literally beating fast for!!

If you want to send me an email - I’ll be happy to share with you what I’ve created (work in progress, but man oh man…) (Or give me yours)