Follow-up sequence after a purchase

I have over 50 seminars to send follow-up information emails for after registration.

The seminar information is stored in another database until the purchase is made outside of Infusionsoft. I am looking for a way to automatically populate the emails and the Field Timers with the proper information after a purchase is made.

We are using API to sync with Infusionsoft to create the contact records and apply the purchase tags.

Does anyone have any ideas?

@Mike_Gales, if you are talking about firing off a campaign that schedules emails to send to them, I would recommend basing it on a Tag being applied, which can be done via the REST API. The emails themselves can use merge fields to pull in data from the Contact record you say you are creating already.


Thanks for the feedback.

What I have are about 50 seminars that each need a follow-up email sequence. The emails in each sequence are identical except for the Name, Date, Time and Location of the seminar. Plus, the dates to send the emails are dependent on the date of the particular seminar.

What I am trying to find is a way via API to do this without having to create 50 sequences and populate each with unique fields and dates. Right now I am using campaign fields which cannot be created nor populated via API.

What I want is an email sequence triggered by an order that allows the order information, Name, Date, Time and Location, to be merged in the emails.


I’m not sure what you mean regarding “campaign fields”; the Campaign Builder allows setting fields on the relevant Contact record (which you can also set via the Contact API), but there isn’t data stored via that element on the Campaign itself.

If I was trying to accomplish this, I would follow a pattern similar to this to establish such a workflow:

  • Create Infusionsoft Campaign with a Tag Applied Goal of “Purchased” to send emails, merging in fields such as “ProductPurchased”.
  • Purchase is made in outside platform.
  • POST to /contacts to create a Contact record, including custom field data for “ProductPurchased”, and a Tag of “Purchased”.
  • The email automation would then commence, pulling the relevant data in from the Contact record to merge into the resulting email, or using the value in those fields to perform other functions.

Should this not meet your needs, we unfortunately don’t have much available for updating the Campaigns directly via API yet, although we do want to expand on our offerings in that space in the future.