Automatically Creating a reoccurring list of contacts

Hi - Beginners question…

I have an email sequence running and I’m looking to create a list of contacts that are in the sequence at a certain stage and then to automatically email that list to a specific member of my team (not set up as a user)

More specifically, The day before the final email goes out I want a list of all the contacts that will receive the final email sending to an email address so that we can pick up the phone and call them. I guessing this will mean creating a report, adding that to the email sequence and using a field timer to deliver the list via email. My question is… how do I create the list?

Hey Chris:

Which version of Infusionsoft are you using? If you are using the Classic Version (green color scheme), you can use a Fulfillment list to accomplish the batch send.

If on the New UI (purple color scheme), we’ll have to dig deeper. A solution (although not the greatest solution, depending on how many contacts you are talking about), would be to insert an email that goes to the sales person the day before people hit the email that you have going out. He/she would get one email per contact that hits that stage of the campaign.



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