Collecting feedback from customers on Infusionsoft emails

I’m looking for a way to be able to send emails out as part of a post-sale follow-up sequence, that contain a form (or link to a URL with a form) that asks the customer for feedback on their service.

This would be in the form of a asking for a star rating and for general feedback in a series of text boxes. This will primarily be used so that low scores can be followed up on manually to help resolve any issues the customer had, and high scores can be automatically added into an anniversary sequence.

The secondary purpose for this would be to collect testimonials from contacts that we can use in our online or printed marketing.

Has anyone carried out something like this before? Does Infusionsoft have any kind of feature built in that could handle something like that or is there a third party application that can handle this using an API?

I look forward to hearing any ideas. :slight_smile:



If you were just using one form for all feedback, you could use a web form to capture data. Just run a decision diamond after a web form from the campaign builder that would put somebody into the follow up sequence for good/bad review based on the input on the form. That is native functionality inside of the campaign builder.

If you were trying to send somebody to a different landing page based on their input, you could use Plusthis. They have a feature called smart links that will allow you to send them to a different landing page depending on data in the contact record. So you would apply a tag that says good review if they completed the star rating satisfactorily, and you would apply a tag called bad rating for the others. Then, the SmartLink would read that tag at the same time at redirecting that customer and it would send them to the appropriate page.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.

I had considered just using a regular Infusionsoft webform before but wasn’t sure if I could use certain features that the client has expressed that they want, such as having a star rating field in which stars light up depending on which one you click (far-left star=1 star lights up / far right star=all 5 stars light up, etc). Do you know if there’s a way to achieve this feature?

The tip about SmartLink will definitely come in handy, it sounds like something we’ll need.


The ability to have stars that light up is not part of the native campaign builder or web form. However, there is an HTML section you could insert and if you have a code or you could possibly have them design something, but I think it would be pretty difficult.

What we do is when we send them the email to ask for the review is that we send an email with two images. One image is four or five stars and the other image is one through three stars. If they click the 4/5 stars they go to one page and if they click the one through three stars they go to another page. So we do our split from the email not from the web form.

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That’s a great idea. We have a great developer on our team who I’m sure could probably make something like this. I’ll run it all past him and have a look at the SmarkLink service.

Thanks again for all your help!

You can also take the Satisfaction Survey campaign from the Marketplace and easily modify this to your liking.

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Hello Jeff, how can I link the click of the image 4/5 stars with another form?