Multiple Recepiants

I am looking to see if there is a work around in the campaign set up for emails to have the campaign be sent to other vendors that are attached to a client so they can be updated on the clients progress? For example: If I have a client that has been approved and I want to update the referral source with the same campaign.

Hi Rob:

If you set up custom fields with the vendor’s email addresses inside the Contact record, you can create emails and have the ’to’ address be those email addresses. Be sure to set up the custom fields as ‘email’ custom fields, not ’text’ fields.

Then, you can have in your sequence, an email to the customer with the info followed by a duplicate of that email, but put the ’to’ address to the vendor and they will get the update.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you so much for your help - forgive me as I am only a few days into Infusionsoft so let me follow up with this question. So if I set up the campaign that part of the sequence will only go out if there are custom fields in that contact correct?

Correct … if the fields are blank it won’t send to anyone

Jeff thank you so much again for your help this will be so helpful for me -

Is youtube or anywhere else a good source for learning the tricks of the campaign capabilities for Infusionsoft?

In general, yes. For specifics like this, you probably won’t find it.

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