How do I push existing emails into a new campaign sequence

Hi Everyone,

We are new to Infusionsoft and want to start our “win back campaign” sequence with the list of existing emails that we imported into the system from our prior company (we name changed and as a result system changed as well). How do I get the existing emails in Infusionsoft to push into the new campaign sequence?

Hi Caitlin. I had a question on this. These templates that you said are in your system, how are you currently accessing them? Are they in another campaign, or stored as ‘Templates’?

Hi @Caitlin_C,

I don’t think you were asking about “templates” were you? If I’m missing something there please specify as I’m not sure if maybe James is privy to something I’m un-aware of.

As to your question as I read it, you’re looking to process your imported email addresses through a campaign. So technically, you don’t get email’s to go through a campaign but rather the contacts that are using the emails. Sounds like a small distinction but a very important one since Infusionsoft is contact-centric. So if you raise/apply a tag on the contacts with email addresses that you wish to send through, and the campaign that you wish to run has a goal for that tag application, then each will run through the campaign and send emails et al to their respective email address.