How do I add a list of newly imported contacts to an existing campaign?

I’ve imported a list of new contacts and want to put them into a campaign. Following instructions from Infusionsoft and elsewhere in this community I did a search for them by tag. The results came back with the number I expected. I clicked the checkbox that selects all results then with the Actions pulldown selected Start/Stop a Campaign (Legacy).

On the next screen there’s a pulldown for what I’m assuming should be the list of various campaigns we have but there are no values in the pulldown. We have over 100 campaigns so that list should be greater than zero.

You can see the empty pulldown in the image.

What am I doing wrong?

You don’t want ‘Legacy’ … choose the option below that “start/stop a campaign sequence’

Legacy is old ‘if/then’ stuff that is not what you have.


Jeff, thank you!. That worked. You saved me from having to manually start the campaign for 205 contacts.