I need to have all emails CC'd to my institutional email address so that they can be "captured" for compliance purposes

As an investment advisor, my broker dealer requires that all emails are sent “through” my company address. Infusionsoft emails are now retained by the broker dealer which would put me in a compliance violation. If I could cc campaigns to my institutional address I would be in compliance. This would seem like situation that could be addressed… what are your thoughts ?

As our system is generally designed for a specific email, to go to 1 individual, this does create a bit of a roadblock for you.

The newer builder in campaigns does not allow for multiple email addresses, but the older, drag-and-drop builder would technically be able to accomplish this, as you would have the ability to set the email 'To:" to ‘other’ and include ~Contact.Email~, YourEmail@YourWebsite.com, in the ‘To:’ field, separated by a comma.

Also, another solution with the newer builder, is to create a duplicate of every email, and, similar to the first idea, you will set the send ‘To:’ to other, and type in a specific email. The contact would get their email, and then trigger this second email to batch out to the specific email address, but any merged contact information, would be that of the actual contact going through the campaign.

Again, there are a few bumps to iron out, and some setup required, for both of these ideas, as your needs are a little out of the scope of our system’s design.

Also, if you happen to set up one of these solutions on the high traffic campaigns, you will want to keep an eye on your monthly email limit, as you will be starting to double your sending, technically.

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Work around would be to setup duplicate emails back to back…one to the contact and one to compliance

What do you mean ‘retiained by the broker dealer’? I’m feeling that there is probably a workaround on this that doesn’t involve CC’ing yourself, but instead configuring Infusionsoft to correctly send from your company, but I don’t think I’m understanding the core issue. Can you explain in a bit more depth?

Justin my broker dealer requires that all of my “firm related emails” be sent from and to chudykd@nationwide.com. To satisfy industry regulations they electronically “retain” all communications. I am not sure of the correct “terminology”, but if you received an “infusionsoft” email, you as the receiver would “think” it is coming from chudykd@nationwide.com. In reality it would be coming through an infusionsoft server. The way it was explained to me, a securities related email must show up in my email box. I do understand that infusionsoft keeps records of all emails that are sent. Unfortunately, that would not satisfy my firms compliance requirements. I wish it would, as that would simplify things for me, but it doesn’t. Any ideas on how to have infusionsoft related emails “show up” in my enterprise inbox or outbox? If I am in unclear, can we Chat via telephone?

If an email is sent to 100 different people as part of an infusionsoft campaign, the firm wants to retain a copy of each of the 100 emails. Simply providing the firm with a list of people who received the email would not suffice

Hi @David_Chudyk - so, I have a couple of thoughts on this. The first is, are you absolutely sure about the nature of the requirement? If emails have to show up in your account, is it good enough that an email coming ‘from’ you shows up as coming ‘to’ you as a CC from a broadcast system? I don’t know about the regulations you are talking about and couldn’t find any relevant information on Google - probably not looking in the right place, but…

  1. If a CC is OK - you could use an external mail sending service like Sendgrid that ties into Infusionsoft but has the capability of adding a CC to messages. This would mean you wouldn’t use Infusionsoft to send mail, but just to keep your leads organized, etc, and you’d need an integration (probably Zapier) to push leads between the two services.

  2. If it should actually be from you, and those rules are in place to discourage bulk email, you can use bulk email sending software, and then it actually is from your email. The downside of this is that email compliance is much harder to achieve and you run the risk of getting your address or IP blacklisted. Also, this method takes a good bit more time as you have to set up your own software and your computer has to send the emails.

  3. Probably the most expensive (but maybe most likely to actually nail it) solution would be to write your own solution via the API. You could approach this in several ways - but really if you did this most likely you’d have to not use the Infusinsoft visual builder and instead build your own emails, and then pull a list from Infusionsoft, build the merged emails, and then put one in your inbox and then push back to Infusionsoft to send via the API. This way your email shows up both in Infusionsoft’s sent history as well as your inbox (it would have to be a CC - otherwise you’d send the email twice). The downside is that it would probably take a couple thousand dollars to set up, and then if you aren’t proficient with creating emails you’ll have to hire someone to do that as well (or take the learning curve)

None of these seem like good solutions to me, and where I would start if I were you would be on making absolutely sure that this is required. Where did you see these guidelines - can you point me to where I can read what they really say?

I am not comfortable sending specific documentation about the requirements through the community. Do you have a direct email address where I can correspond with you or an phone number?
Thanks David