Add BCC to Campaign Email?

We’d like to send a copy of some of our campaign emails to an archive address. The reason is that Infusionsoft doesn’t save the details for very long - see How to keep a long-term record of campaign emails?

So we’d like each to be BCCd to that address. But we don’t see a way to do that in the standard email template. Is there a way?

  • Charles

Currently with the new builder there is not a way to send to multiple addresses. We have had a couple posts on here surrounding something similar, and the current path would be to duplicate the email in the sequence, and set the TO to ‘other’ and enter the archive email (ensure this address is a marketable contact in your system, if it isn’t a user email address). When the contact triggers this duplicated email, it will populate with the actual contact’s info if there are merge fields in the email.

So simple - and ingenious. Thank you James! :grinning:

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