How to keep a long-term record of campaign emails?

We want to have a record of emails sent to our customers. Most such emails contain data (prices, acknowledgment amounts) from fields in the contact record that are subject to change.

We have found a problem with emails sent as part of a campaign. The record of emails in Contact – Email History doesn’t show the actual data sent; it shows only the email template, which is not helpful as the fields it refers to will have changed.

The campaign record does show the email with the fields filled in, but that exists only for ‘recent’ campaigns. We don’t know the definition of ‘recent’, but it’s months, not years.

How can we keep an accurate long-term record of emails sent in campaigns?

  • Charles

Hi Charles,

Well this is a bit of a tough one, as I know exactly what you mean about the recent email history showing the ‘Template’.

I am going to speak with one of our team members on this, as you are not the first person to approach me on this exact thing.

Currently I don’t see a realistic approach to doing this, with the current behavior of email history, but I want to see if I can find out why. I am going to bookmark your post and I will see what I can find out, and if this is something we may be able to solve for.


Hi James,

Thanks for picking this one up.

Ideally we’d like the behaviour changed if possible. But in the interim if you can suggest any kludge methods of archiving the emails recently sent by campaigns, that might suffice for our needs. Are there any ways to do that - perhaps through the API?

  • Charles

What about taking a snapshot of the email? Create a PDF and put it in a folder named after the campaign. I could be totally behind the times, but at least you would have a record of your data.

Good thought - but we send hundreds of these emails a month, and a manual approach won’t scale to that. :frowning:

Thanks anyway,

  • Charles