How do I view the "Actual" sent email from a campaign?

When I search emails in a Customer’s record, it show a list and when I locate the email that I would like to reference, I see the title and date of the email sent in a list.

When I click “View” the email, It just shows the template without the actual details. I just includes the fields that are searched from the customer record. I need to send the actual “sent” email to a customer. How do I show what was sent in the past, without having it pull the new information from the Customer record? It is showing this instead of the Contact name etc…

# ~Contact.FirstName~, Thanks For Being A CTS Athlete!

Your Coaching Is Renewing On ~Contact._CurrentContractEndDate~

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

Hello @Dominic_Guinto !

I think you can go to the campaigns tab on the contact (this is in the same area as then notes and email history stuff), then scroll down until you see the email in question and now just click the blue subject line link.

This should load everything!
Hope this helps!

– Dillan