Finding an email attatched to internal form

How do I find an email that is triggered by sales person clicking a form… In a campaign I didn’t make so don’t know!

Are you stating that when a specific form is filled out, a campaign email is triggered? If so, you could use a test contact and fill out the form. After this head to the Campaign tab in their contact record as the email, the campaign name and the sequence name should appear in the recent campaign history.

i mean, there is an email sent - so when our staff marks an interview as FAIL in a form… an email gets sent to that interviewe… Im trying to find that email and change wording.

To track it down I would still create a test contact and then fill out the form and mark it accordingly. Once the email sends, you should still be able go to the ‘campaigns’ tab and find out where the email originates (campaign name and sequence name) if it is sending via automation in campaign.

Give this a try. If this doesn’t work out, I can take a look at it tomorrow when I get into the office. Let me know if you are able to track it down by testing it out, and if you aren’t, we can connect through Private Message and maybe I can take a look.

I would also recommend creating your test contact the way a real contact would be created for this test. Once you do this, the ‘Campaigns’ tab in their record should be very telling of the process, letting you know what Campaign and sequences things are happening in.