Campaign History

Are there any plans for allowing you to view more items in campaign history in a contact record? That would be super helpful.

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There has been some talk about this @Candice_Hiles, recently. There was some feedback shared by some of our partners to be able to see a bigger picture of what has happened in campaigns for contacts.

I would encourage you to add on some feedback for this @ as we will be working on a number of enhancements as we start the new year.

Hello James, has there been any update on this? I recently saw a lead removed from a campaign sequence and I wanted to see where I went wrong for that to trigger - but the entire “recent campaign history” was just the removal of all the future emails from the sequence they were removed from.

It would have been super useful if I could have gone back far enough to see what triggered it all. I was wondering if there is a way to do that right now. Thank you.


Hi @James_Mefford! Any update on whether this will be implemented? I’ve had many times where it would be extremely useful to try find a break in a campaign by following a customer’s history back to the fault. Any info is much appreciated!