Complete list of contact's campaigns

Is there a way to view a historical record of every campaign a specific contact has been in?
I know we can look at recent campaigns under the campaign tab, but I would like to have a more detailed record for a specific contact.
Thank you!


You can run (under Marketing - Reports) a Campaign Goal Completion report. That will tell you all the campaign ‘goals’ that they completed, so, if your campaigns are all triggered by some sort of ‘goal’ (tag application, purchase action, etc.), you’ll be able to see where they’ve been. Pretty clumsy for quick reference.

I’d suggestion you do what we do and apply a “History” tag in all your sequences. In each of our sequences when we build, we add a “History” tag (in a “History” category) that we never remove. That way, as someone moves through your campaign sequences they will be tagged with the History tag and then you can easily just look at their ‘tag’ section in their contact record and see where they’ve been.


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