How can I search for all contacts that have been part of a campaign?

Is there a way that I can search for all contacts that have been part of a campaign?

Hi @Josh_Glenn,

Most of the reports under Marketing → Reports that involve contacts/campaigns are in context of what contacts are currently in the campaign at the moment. If you need history then the only two reports I could recommend that will include past and present are the Campaign Goal Completion report and the Sequence Step Recipients report. Otherwise, if you only need to know who’s in the campaigns at the moment, the Unique Campaign Contacts report would do.

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Hi John. Thanks for your reply. What I am looking for, is to be able to select all people who have been part of particular campaigns, select them, and then add them to a saved search so that I can email to them. Is that possible?

So if you create a saved search based on the criteria you have then you can en masse, apply a tag that can be used to either send them through an email campaign or an email blast.

Not sure you understand what I am after. Or maybe I don’t understand what you are suggesting exactly…

My problem is, I don’t know who has been through the campaign without manually looking through each contact to determine that.

I want to be able to: (1) search for contacts that have been through campaign “X” already (no tags were applied showing they went through the campaign), (2) Save the search, then (3) do whatever I want with that search (which, in this case is send them an email blast).

Is that possible?

  1. Create a saved search with the campaign selected that you wish to search for contacts in the campaign for using the reports mentioned.

  2. Any time you run that saved search it will give you current data (not saved data) of who is in that campaign.

  3. The resulting list of contacts can then be selected and all have a tag applied at once.

  4. Raising that tag can then send them through a campaign that send your email OR you can send an email blast to the list of those that have the tag.

All right. I tried what you suggested on the Campaign Goal Completion report. That seems to have done what I need. Thanks.

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