Find historic emails / email housekeeping / asset management / resource database?

Hey guys, Charlie here from Pirate & Fox.
I’m relatively inexperienced in IS and I could not find this in the Help Centre, so…
I’m trying to collate any emails relating to a client’s product. There have been many campaigns over several years and I just want to get the actual email copy all in one place (so we can review it and improve it).
Is there a quick way to do that?
Or do I have to open each campaign, find each email, copy & paste the text into a Google doc… etc etc yawn
Any advice much appreciated :wink:
I have checked in ‘Files’ and there are no email text files saved there, unfortunately :frowning:
Don’t know why this post is showing as from my colleague Justin - I logged in as me (Charlie)!

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You can copy emails from one campaign to another.

Open one sequence.
Drag an email out into the canvas.
Go into the top right and ‘copy from campaign’
Choose the campaign that you want to copy from, and then choose the email you want to copy.

That will pull that email into your sequence. Repeat that for all emails you want to get into one sequence.
After they are all in one area, you can delete the old campaigns.