Multiple email recipients in new email builder in campaigns?

We are updating our campaigns’ email steps from the legacy email builder to the new drag and drop builder. Unfortunately, many of our campaigns include notifications to multiple email addresses of our team (who do not have InfusionSoft user accounts). This appears to be impossible now with the drag and drop builder, unless there is some way of “cc’ing” multiple addresses that we can’t see. Now when we string addresses together with commas, it simply says it isn’t a valid address.

Is there a way to do this? Or a workaround that doesn’t involve sending to a single email distribution list? (Our Outlook distrib list email address doesn’t work either - emails seem “sent” but we never get them.)

Hi Rachel, Currently, the new builder does not support the ability to CC or add multiple recipients, like the legacy email.

Currently, the workaround would be to leave the notification emails as legacy, or create an email notification once in the new builder, and duplicate it, setting each copy to send to a specific individual. They can then be connected together in the sequence, and run, one right after the other. This second solution isn’t really ideal, if you have a large number of people who get notified, but the ability to create the email once, and just make multiple copies of it, makes it manageable.

If you get a few moments, I wanted to see if I could urge you to share feedback on this on our new feedback form @ To give our development team a view, in your words, of how you utilize the ability to add multiple recipients to notification emails of this nature.

I have been using this method as a workaround for 4 plus years. Submitted numerous suggestions and had many discussions. The goal of this campaign is to have 300 CC receiving the email. PRAYER REQUEST Campaign

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