Sending individual email using a common email address


We have recently hired some customer service reps and I am trying to explore the possibility where they send individual emails (not broadcasts) to contacts but they use a common email address for example

So basically if I have 10 reps, I want all the emails they send to contacts via Infusionsoft to go via a common email address. Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


I would set up a quick campaign with an outbound email from the address you want.
Create an Internal Form that holds a custom text area field that is going to be the body of the email.

Have your reps fill out that internal form, where they type what they want in the custom field (that will be the email that goes out), then the submission of the internal form will trigger the email to go out.

That way you control all aspects of what email goes out and how it is formatted.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your response. So if I have understood correctly, the goal would be an internal form with a text box where the reps can type the message for the customers.

I have some followup questions:

  1. What will be the sequence in this case.I mean once the reps have filled the internal form, what will it lead to. Will it trigger an email , and if so how will this get the recipient (consumers) email address

  2. where do i configure the common email address ( that is from address in the emails that go out.

This would be your campaign:

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.06.35 AM.png

This (roughly) would be what the internal form looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.07.38 AM.png

And in the email, this is where you set up the hard-coded from address:


Hello Jeff,

Thank you again. However my problem is still not solved yet. See these reps won’t have access to send email broadcasts, they will be using the email module under each contact to send the emails. That module does not have an option to alter the " from " address. Its locked in as the user who is currently logged in.

They won’t be using an email window at all. They will only use the Internal Form in the contact record. In there they will fill out a custom field (which will be the email body.) You, when setting up the campaign sequence, will fill in the from address.

Hi Jeff,

If they are filling a custom field, in the internal form. How will they format it, like changing the color and size of text, adding hyperlinks etc.

You lose formatting ability when you go this route, but if you need to lock down the ‘from’ address, this would be the solution.
You can format the email itself to have their signature, your logo, etc. so you set up the entire base template, but only have their custom message in the middle. Something like this:

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,



Ok…if I go down this route and if someone responds to that email…how would I reply back on the same email thread…filling out the internal form again will trigger a new mail, it won’t be part of the same email thread.

The reply would go back to the ‘from’ address, not the sales rep, so whomever is monitoring that address would be replying through that email account.


The “from” address is essentially a Distribution list (DL) comprising of email addresses of the sales reps.

I am planning to sync that DL(gmail account) with the infusion soft accounts of the sales reps.

So any reply to “from” address would be accessible to the sales reps.

But my concern is if I have to respond back to the lead on the same email thread, the internal form route will not work.

The sales rep would have to physically open that particular reply from the lead and that comes with two problems:

  1. The “from” address in this case would not be of the DL but of the sales rep.

  2. The sales rep would have to open the email builder and then draft an email.

Is there a better alternative that you can suggest.

You’re getting into a whole process of Infusionsoft and non-Infusionsoft issues.

If you are going to have the ‘from’ be a DL, I’d set it up as a completely separate email address into which all sales reps have access.
That way, if they need to reply to someone, they can just reply from that account and it will accomplish what you want (having the ‘from’ address be standardized). Replies will be from their email client, not Infusionsoft.

Without doing that, you get into a ton of variables of aliases, etc.