How to send a single email from 'Email & Broadcasts' section

Hello, can you tell me how to send a single email from a Template within ‘Marketing>Email & Broadcasts’ section of Infusionsoft?
An email campaign was sent last week to a pre-saved list (which is fine), but I now want to send the same email to just one person. Unfortunately, the only option appears to be to send it to a pre-saved list. Would appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance, Cathie

I don’t know if you found the answer, but I just talked to support about this same issue. You have to complete the following:

  1. Create a draft from the previous email
  2. Then create a specific tag for the person you want to send the email to and tag that person.
  3. Then initiate a broadcast to that single tag.
    Seems like a lot of work for one email, but according to support that is the procedure.

If you go into the campaign, choose the Email template and save that to your Templates. It will be in your Broadcast Templates. Choose it and in select Search. Then type in the email address of the contact you want to send it to and that’s it. No tagging necessary.

It doesn’t appear that you can access saved Broadcast templates in your Email templates though. That doesn’t make much sense, so I’m hoping that’s not the case. Is there some way to save Broadcast templates to your Email templates?

Ah, I see - you’re trying to do it the opposite way and send the email from the contact record. No, there isn’t a way to save Sent Broadcasts or Broadcast Templates to the Marketing > Templates area. That would be nice, though :slight_smile:

Ok, we’ll send by tagging the individual contact then. It would be nice to access all templates though. I’ll submit a request for that feature. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Sounds good!