How to best apply and send email broadcast templates to single contacts?

It seems that email broadcasts can only be sent to lists of contacts. If I want to manually send template emails to a single contact, what is the most efficient way to do that?

If you are using the campaign builder, just do a ‘new search’ and enter that one person’s name or email, so that the search results come back with “1” — your target person.

Then, send the ‘broadcast’ to that one person.

If you have ‘standard’ emails that you are looking to send to people (without customization), you can set up what we call a Quick Send Email campaign. Set up a Tag Goal that triggers a sequence. In that sequence, put the email you want to send. Then, when you want to send that contact that email, just apply that tag and it will fire off that specific email.


Do the emails need any customisation before sending?

Hi Andy,
I could probably get by with no customization, but I’d prefer the ability to customize.

I am wanting to create nice templates, as I do when I create email broadcasts, but use them to be able to send email to individual contacts manually with minimal customization in certain often repeated situations as applicable.

Personally the way I like to do it is have an internal form with a radio button or checkbox for each email that i then send out of a sequence using a decision diamond to choose between them.

You can then have a number of text fields on the form that you can merge into the emails to allow customisation.