Can I use a broadcast template in a direct e-mail?

Good evening,

I made an e-mail in a campaign using the advanced builder and saved it as a template. Then I went to a contact that I wanted to send the e-mail to, as a one time e-mail with an attachment to it. However, when I go to the contact and click on the templates it does not show up.

Any Ideas?

You could ‘Send a Broadcast’ to that one contact, this would allow you to use the template.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the idea but I need to be able to add in attachments to it.

I may try to see if I can send the pretty one myself and then see if I can copy without all the forward junk. unless there is a better idea.

No problem.

As long as the files are less than 10mb you can do them as download clickables in the email instead? I know thats not exactly what you want, but it is a working solution.