Email Broadcast to more than one email contained in a contact

Is there a way to send out an email broadcast to a tagged group but to have it go to Email #1, #2 and #3 that are contained within the same primary contact? As it is now, the email would only be sent to Email #1. We are a Sports club so our contacts are set up as one parent being the primary contact with Email #1, with the 2nd parent being the 2nd email and the athlete being the 3rd email and when sending out notifications, we would like all members of the family to be included. We would prefer to not to have to create individual contacts for each family member, but sounds like that was the only option.

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to send 3 separate broadcasts. You would only need to create the email once, and set the first broadcast to send to email 1. Then you would be able to start a new broadcast and pull the email template from your recently sent tab and set the recipient to email 2, and repeat this step for Email 3. Anyone on your list that might not have an Email 2 or 3 would of course be skipped.

It sounds like your use for this is just a little bit out of the designed functionality of broadcasts, but it’s totally doable.


That was going to be my suggestion also.