Requesting feedback from customers (and mention what they bought)

We sell supplements and I’d like to follow up with our customers and ask them to leave product feedback on our site.

In Campaign Builder, I can’t find a Merge Field or any other way to include what the customer purchased in the email. For example, if they bought Joint Ease, the email should say “Thanks for buying Joint Ease, click here to leave a product review,” or “Thanks for buying AS 10 Life, click here to leave a review.” The links will take them to different pages, depending on which product they purchased.

Is there a way to do this?

An easy way to do this is to add a product purchase action using the Set Field Value feature and hard code the product name in a custom field so that you can then merge it into an email. This can be done through Ecommerce > Actions or a campaign w/a Purchase Start Goal.

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Thanks, Cheryl!

What if they purchase 2 products on the same order? If I understand your suggestion, they would receive 2 separate emails, one for each product. Is that correct?

I was thinking more of a custom field for the Most Recent Purchase so if more than one purchase, that would be a bit tricky. I can’t think of a solution for that off the top of my head :frowning: