Product Review Emails

Are there any tutorials about to create a product review template? I’d like it to populate with a link to the relevant product in my shopify store. Seems like it would be simple, but I’m at a loss. Thanks in advance for any help?

I think @Jason_Oesterly might have figured something out for this - any tips Jason?

Thanks, @Greg_Jenkins. Hey @Jamaica_Winship, can you share in a bit more detail about your goals? It sounds like when a product is purchased (or some period of time afterwards), you want to send an email with a link to review that specific product. Is that correct?

Is it typical for a customer to purchase multiple products in a single order? If so, what are your thoughts on sending the review emails in those cases (one email per product, one email per order, etc.)?

Thank you @Jason_Oesterly for replying. Yes, you summed it correctly. Between our two sites, we’ve had close to 10,000 transactions over the past several months, but few reviews. The goal is to have an autoresponder sequence go out two weeks after an item has been delivered. Once the person submits the review, they’ll get a secret code to save 20% on their next order, which will ideally encourage repeat purchases.

Yes, it’s fairly normal for more than one sku to be purchased during a transaction. That’s the case probably about 75% of the time. We’ve started manually emailing people with a link to review just one of the products with encouragement for them to review any other products they’ve purchased to help the community. Not sure if there’s a way to include all of them as well as have the image of what they purchased dynamically populate. Wayfair, Nordstrom, etc. all seem to do that, so I don’t know what kind of custom solution that would require and if it’s even possible here.