Product based review request

Thinking this would be an API issue, but not sure. We have a simple survey campaign (happy, neutral, unhappy). We already respond to unhappy but are looking to follow up ‘happy’ responses by requesting product based request for review.

For example: "we are glad you like your order, can you give us a review on your xzy product? " can we populate what they bought?

We’re on shopify and not using Infusionsoft’s payment gateway but otherwise we’re integrated.


Hi @Tammie_Oldham, If I understand this correctly, you want to send a product review to a customer regarding a product that they just ordered? There are a few options here.

(Option A) - You should be able to setup a REST Hook subscription for any orders added through Infusionsoft. A REST Hook is a subscription to an event within Infusionsoft. This allows a listening server on your end to wait for events that happen in the Infusionsoft application. We currently have a list of available REST Hook events here. You would want to listen for the order.add event to happen (check out our docs). Once you are subscribed and listenening to order.add events, you should be able to retrieve a product to get details around the product recently purchased. You could then build an email out (depending on how you currently send email) tailored for that product that contains a survey link see option B for the sending email configuration.

(Option B) - A less API heavy way of doing this would be to setup a campaign that contains a product purchased goal (instructions) which allows you to choose from the options:

  • Any Purchase
  • Specific Product Purchase
  • Product in Specific Category Purchase

From there, you can connect the product purchased goal to a sequence that has an email with a survey link regarding the specific product. This option isn’t dynamic in a sense that you will need to write the email content with the product name in it, as we don’t currently have a way to use product merge fields in the campaign email.

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