Can't import sales by email addy?

This one is a show stopper for me.

I have a sales funnel set up in Infusionsoft but I use a 3rd party sales system. It really doesn’t matter what it is - but it’s aMember. Theres an Infusionsoft → aMember interface but that’s not what I’m trying to do.

So I asked today if I could import my sales to Infusionsoft and the answer was “Sure - if your 3rd party system has the Infusionsoft Contact ID”… lol… well if it had that id, it’d mean it was already integrated,

I mean - come on - email address is UNIQUE - but I can’t import sales by email addy?

OK - so my choices are to go elsewhere OR to get use some sort of API written that can take sales information without the Contact Id.

Any thoughts on this?



Since the system is relational, what you would need to do is query for the contact by email address, then use that contact id to enter the order record.

If you’re a developer, or have one who works with you, I’d recommend reading the first three sections of our REST API documentation. That’ll give you a good overview of how you should make requests to that API.

After that, have a look at the left-hand navigation of our REST API documentation to get an idea of what resources are available to you.

As you browse through the resources, be sure to expand the samples on the right (you’ll need to click Show samples).

If you’ve signed up for a developer account, you may find it useful to try out the API through the documentation. Look for the Try The API button and Try buttons, throughout.

So we’ve done sales integrations for others and it can be written to assign the sale by email address. What do sales look like in your system? Obvious contact data. How many products and/or product options (like t-shirt size or color)? Sales taxes etc? It sounds like you’re needing to register the sale/payment but are not intending to process payment through Infusionsoft? Is that correct?

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Exactly John - we have a handful of products - 3 main ‘one off’ products and 2 recurring.

Information we’d like to import:
Date, email address, product, price paid

  • no need for sales taxes and like you say - it’s just registering the sale, not processing the payment.

I sent you a PM @Peter_Davies.