/affiliates/commissions endpoint not providing product_name

So according to the documentation - the product_name should be included in the response when querying this endpoint but I’m actually getting a description in the product_name location and not the actual product_name within infusionsoft.

That said, since the orders api doesn’t include the invoice_id - there is no easy way to connect affiliate commisions to product sold since there is no Product ID being included nor the Actual Product Name.

Can your team take a look at this and report back? And please advise? Thanks so much! I think it would be greatly appreciated if you can please use the ‘actual’ product_name for the value below - as the current value right now is a duplicate of the description value :slight_smile:

Here is what i’m querying.


"commissions": [
"amount_earned": 0,
"contact_first_name": "string",
"contact_id": 0,
"contact_last_name": "string",
"date_earned": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
"description": "string",
"invoice_id": 0,
**"product_name": "string",** This does NOT give me the actual product_name result...
"sales_affiliate_id": 0,
"sold_by_first_name": "string",
"sold_by_last_name": "string"

Any thoughts?

Bumping this. Thanks!

@TomScott Do you have any thoughts? Thanks so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maybe a good idea to raise a Developer Support Ticket below to get this investigated further.


@Pav Following up on this. Submitted a ticket :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Would love to have this fixed.