Third Party app Integrations that can add contacts by Email

Hey guys, I asked Infusionsoft & They directed me here.
Are there any Third Party app Integrations that can add contacts from an Email confirmation of an order.
A little back story. I am a Network Marketer my company gives me a replicated website to sell products and enroll members through.
I am looking for something that will automatically add the new customer as a contact in my Infusionsoft and start my product coaching series with a tag. Right now I have to manually add everyone.

I can NOT change or integrate Infusionsoft to the website AT ALL.

what I currently get is an email with this
Dear Renee,

This email is to notify you about your new personally enrolled Customer!

Example Example
Member ID: 12XXXX
Phone: xxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxxx

For more information on this Customer, their initial order, and managing your business, please log in to your Back Office.


then I manually add them.
Thanks in advance!! is well suited for specifically formatted emails being used to create contacts in Infusionsoft. Another alternative might be

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