Third Party Email Integration

I have a 3rd party email that I use. Is there a way to integrate the 3rd party email platform with infusionsoft?

Objective: When I receive or send emails from the 3rd party email platform, I’d like the emails to be linked to the contact in infusionsoft. Also, I’d like any emails sent from infusionsoft to go through the 3rd party platform for compliance purposes. Is this possible?

I am an investment advisor and need all emails to be logged for compliance purposes.

There are addons for different email clients that will capture/sync with your infusionsoft contacts, here are a few examples:
Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email

I use Zapier it works both ways a lot of time

It will depend upon what email client you are using. We have worked out how to sync email responses into IS from Office365/Outlook for example. I’m fairly certain that a similar approach would work with GMail as well. Other email clients might have different details to work out but I imagine it would be possible with most. The new IS UI has a plugin for gmail but the current UI needs a different solution to sync email responses on existing contact within IS. So it’s not the simplest answer but the end game is that while many have not been done, there shouldn’t be any that can’t be done.