I need help with creating a FOMO email campaign to get people to buy a product

Hello everyone, I am tasked with a pretty complicated (at least for me) campaign and I would love your help if you could while I still try to figure it out myself. I’m asked to get the campaign started this coming Thursday so it is pretty urgent. Thanks in advance!

So this is going to be a FOMO campaign for a group of people that attended a webinar and didn’t purchase a certain product (I will have a tag for these contacts).
Here’s the outline of the campaign I’m supposed to create:

1- Last-48-hours email with 1st title to be sent to everyone with the “attended but didn’t buy” tag, to be sent at 8 AM. Then, these people should open the email and purchase the product (when they purchase they will be tagged with “purchase tag”). If a person doesn’t purchase the product or open the morning email they should be sent the same email with the second title at 8 PM and if they did purchase after the morning or evening email they should be removed from the campaign. Those who still haven’t purchased should stay in the campaign for the next steps of the campaign. If date timers would be an issue I’d be okay with using delay timers, too (I’d be manually starting the first step of the campaign at 8 AM if needed). Also, I’m not sure if it’s possible to send an email to people that didn’t “open” the previous one, so it’s okay to target the contacts that didn’t click links in the previous email if that’s the solution.

2- Last-24-hours email with the first title to be sent to people who are still in the campaign from the previous part at 8 AM next day and the process should be basically the same as the previous part, where people who didn’t open or purchase receive another 24-hours email at 8 PM and those who still haven’t purchased should be transferred to the next step of the campaign.

3- Last-12-hours email should be sent the next day at the right time (I think this could be 8 AM again, I’ll need to ask about this) and those who didn’t purchase or open that email should receive another email in 9 hours called last-3-hours. This would be the last email in the campaign. People can be removed from the campaign after reaching this step (they can be removed immediately or after a certain time passes, for example 3 hours).

Here’s another much more simpler campaign I’d love your help with, I want to be able to create a campaign where people with a certain tag receive an email at a specified time or when I start the campaign manually, then another email is sent to people that didn’t open the previous one (or if they didn’t click the links in the previous email if we can’t target those that didn’t open it) at a specific time or after a certain delay (like 24 hours). Then it could go on and on like this until the last email. People should be removed from the campaign at the end.

Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information. I hope I was able to make it all clear.