Confirmation Email Issue

Hi Guys,

I’ve got three campaigns, and they aren’t working as I believe they should…

I’m hoping someone is going to point out something obvious to me, but I’ve been through this over and over for two days straight and I cannot understand what’s occurring. I’ll try and make this as short and straight-forward as I can.

Essentially, I have two campaigns to bring new leads in with; a general “signed up to marketing” campaign and an “eBook campaign”.
Both campaigns send people to a custom “confirmation email” campaign, unless they’ve already confirmed their email previously.
The eBook campaign also sends people to the marketing campaign upon completion.

What’s occurring is that, when testing, my added users sign up for an eBook with tag “GE-eBook 310719 Requested”, and prior to receiving the eBook they are offered the chance to confirm their email address. If they have already confirmed their email address, they may already be being marketed to, it should bypass that option. Users do this confirmation click in emails and should never have to again.

Test users receive their ebook and/or mailing list signup, but they are sent back into the “confirmation email” campaign for a second time somehow. There is only one tag that sends you there, “GE-Add to Confirmation Email Campaign” and there are only two places these tags are added. Both places are designed to not apply the tag if you have already completed the confirmation email campaign… but somehow people who have already confirmed are ending up back in that campaign, forever in a confirmation email campaign…

I don’t understand it.

While I appreciate there is some crossover of campaigns, I do believe it makes logical sense and should work – but if someone can point out where I’ve gone wrong, or what I’m missing, I’d be absolutely delighted!

I could add confirmation campaigns within the mailing list signup and within the eBook, but as we add more of these we’d end up with a lot of different confirmation tags and I can see it being a headache, I’d prefer one.

I do wonder if spending a lot of time on these has done some cross-wiring at the back or something?

Has anyone got any obvious ideas or things I can check before I contact support direct??

Thanks Guys,


Andy … send screenshots, or better yet, record a Loom video (free service) that outlines what you are discussing. Text only is difficult to decipher and troubleshoot.


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Email confirmations will self pass by when they’ve already double opted in IF you’re using that widget and not another method. For the other stuff, we’d need to see screen shots or a vid of what you’ve got in campaign builder.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies, it was really appreciated.

Turns out that I’d been getting the logic of decision diamonds wrong.
Essentially, I guess I’ve only ever used single tags in decision diamonds, and my “or” on several was not giving the results I wrongly expected.

Entirely my error and I’m relieved to have the issue sorted and indeed to have learned something new (even if I really should have understood this anyway!).

Thanks for the help guys,


Glad you got it worked out and don’t feel bad as that is a VERY common area to get confused on.