Email Confirmation

I have a problem, I’m new in this community and I’m learning about Infusionsoft.

I’m setting up a new campaign very basic, with an email confirmation sequence first and then an ebook delivery sequence

So the user fill out a form, tag is applied and then send a confirmation email, but in case the tag is applied but IS never send the Confirmation email

So I need help can anyone have any Idea

Hi, @Roman-Delcarmen. Have you tested this with a known unconfirmed email address? If the email is already confirmed, it will skip the confirmation request part.

Normally to test an email I go to my landing fill out the form and check if the tag were applied, then I delete the contact, but I’m not sure if I use the same email over and over again create the problem, in others campaigns I use the same process with no problem

I’m not sure. Try testing the hosted version of the web form with a disposable email address and see if that works.

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@martinc thanks you very much for your help, apparently the problem was the emails I made a test with and works fine.

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Hi Roman, for you, or anyone else looking for some background info on using the Email Confirmation process, check this out:


Thank you Greg I will check it