Confirmation Email sequence within Campaign

Hi this is Caley from Birmingham, England

Can anyone help?
I have campaign sequences that contain the Confirmation Email sequence
Objective: The goal is when a tag is applied and a webinar recording email is then sent to contact (if they have opted in) .

There is a decision diamond to split the contacts if they have/have not opted in.

Contacts not opted in which then do opt in within the confirmation email sequence should progress into a new sequence where the webinar recording email is sent from.

I have linked the Confirmation Email sequence to the Sequence containing the recording email BUT the
contacts not moving from the confirmation email (having opted in) into the recording email sequence.

Above question given to online help but they failed to answer - can you?

Hi Caley!

So, good questions here. I’ve got two resources that I think will clear things up for you:

What, Why and How

Email Confirmation Gotcha

Let me know if you have questions after you get through these bad boys!


P.S. Have you seen Peaky Blinders? I just started it, and I think it’s set in Birmingham!


Hi Greg
Just watched your video - brilliant.
That has saved me so much time, thank you.
Wasted over 30 minutes doing online chat with Infusionsoft helpdesk and got nowhere.

Peaky Blinders - yeah that’s set here in Birmingham. Great series!


Glad to hear it helped - sorry about the wasted time. :frowning: