Hello Everyone, Excited to be part of this community

I am learning infusionsoft and find it challenging but loving the experience. Lots to learn.
Can anyone advise me on the email for a contact where it states, “Status Unconfirmed, Manage Email Status” when I click on this not sure what to do hear. All the clients have advised they wish to receive our newsletter but I am not sure what to do here. Appreciate your help.

Hi Donna!

So, as you may know, each email address you store in Infusionsoft has a status. And those statuses reflect whether or not we have permission to email that person.

If you add a contact and don’t indicate any type of permission, then by default it’s added as “non-marketable”.

But if that contact signs up through a web form, they’re added as “Unconfirmed”. Which means we CAN market to them, but they haven’t yet confirmed their email address.

And if we send them an email asking them to click a link and confirm that they do indeed want our content, when they click their email status is changed from unconfirmed to confirmed (aka double opt in).

Here’s some detail on this:

And, here is a resource to help you understand the how, what, and why behind the email confirmation process:

And one little gotcha people run into with this area:

Hope this helps!