Contact emailStatus set to "non Marketable", need to change through API call


I am calling Infusionsoft API to update the contact data. I am trying to update the emailStatus and change it from “non-marketable” to “Un-Confirmed”. Can anyone please guide if this is possible to do that with the API call(and not manually). I saw the request of the API and it is not allowing to update. Please let me know if anyone has done this before.

Which API are you using REST or XML/RPC?

I’m using the Rest API

They are working on a solution to allow the api to do this but to my knowledge anyway, it hasn’t been enabled. They first need to allow it in a way that can be effectively monitored to prevent abuse otherwise someone could easily ruin it for everyone that using IBK/Keap

Ok thank you, do you have an idea of when that will be available or if there is an alternate way to do that? please suggest.

Not yet. They’ve never in the past allowed it because of the potential to abuse it by those that would use bad email marketing practices. So they’re looking for an accountable way to permit it.