XML API query on Email Status

Hello. I’m using the Infusionsoft XML API. I have to query all contacts with the Email Status of “non-marketable”. I am using DataService.query and DataService.count. Does anyone know the field name for Email Status? Is it even possible to query on this field? If not, is it possible to return this field, and by which name should I call reference it?

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Good morning Steve,

The EmailAddStatus table in the XMLRPC DataService contains a reference for an email and a Type column that provides the status. You can find the schema here:


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Thank you!

The EmailAddStatus table appears to have several orphaned records (records with no counterpart in the Contacts table). Do you know how I can clear these out?

There is no need, and we do not allow them to be cleared.

They are a record of which email addresses have consented to be contacted, and if they were to be removed there would be no record of which users had explicitly withdrawn consent.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick reply. In this case, I have 19 records in EmailAddStatus, all with email addresses containing a comma, as in xxx@gmail.co,m. They appear to all be invalid email addresses. Ultimately, I would like to flag them as something other than “non-marketable”, such as, “invalid email”. Do you know if this is possible through the website?