Email status for non-primary email field

Is there a way to identify contacts with non-primary e-mail addresses which are marked as undeliverable/spam/unsubscribed?

The Email Status Search report provides a list of contacts/e-mail addresses, but this report works only for the Primary Email field. How to filter similarly but based on a custom e-mail field?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Bryan,

I have done some talking with a couple of my team members on this. You are correct. The email status search, while it has search criteria and columns for additional email fields, the status column is reflecting Email 1. I am sharing this in a meeting I have with one of our developers, as I see exactly what you are needing. I also, have never been asked a question on this personally, so I had to do some testing of my own.

I wanted to see if I could share the link to our official product feedback form, and have you head over to share some examples of how you would utilize this, and go over some of your basic needs for a report like this @

Let me know after you have shared, because I want to have our Customer Experience Manager pull the feedback for me, so that we can share your use-case with the team that works on our reporting functionality.

(While we do not have a native out-of-the box report to pull this style of data, this may be possible via the api… not sure how much you dabble with the Infusionsoft API)

Hi James,
I have provide further details around our scenario: specifically, that the bridge software which syncs our contacts to Infusionsoft, pushes one of the contact’s e-mail addresses into a custom e-mail field. Although we can successfully reference the custom fields for use within our emails, we cannot determine the deliverability of these receiving addresses.

At this point I have not wadded into any API use; this might be a good reason to try working with it – it looks like APIEmailService.getOptStatus might do the trick (assuming it includes custom e-mail fields in its query; a field name parameter is not permitted).

Thanks for the feedback and for progressing the suggestion.

Hey @Bryan_D if you run across some questions or want to get some ideas on the API end of tackling this scenario, feel free to start up a topic in the API section of the community. :slight_smile: