Hope this isn't too dumb...LOL

Anyone have a way of separating my Contacts with no email address?

Depends upon the criteria. Phone number? First/Last name? A custom field value?

My simple mind says - “Give me everything you have tht doesn’t have the Email1 field populated/data present”

Edit the search criteria for the email and select “doesn’t contain” and then use an underscore in the field value. Then save that as a saved search for later retrieval:


John has a cool solution with a wildcard… You can also use the ‘Misc Criteria’ tab in a search. It has an option for ‘Data Exists’


Thank you SO much!!!

I’m quite disappointed - I didn’t expect the numbers to be so high.

At least I know what I’m working with - Thanks again!

What we’ve done, @Cindy_Glover is to keep a group of Saved Search stats on our dashboard for these types of things: No Email, No Lead Source, No Assigned Owner, No Name, etc. It’s always front and center and we can easily catch these things at the beginning. Just a suggestion but at least you’d prevent large number surprises.

Similar to what @Cheryl_Hunt is doing, we’ve actually created an RSS endpoint to show more custom figures and then inserted that into our dashboard with the RSS Feed widget.