I’m a customer of Infusionsoft and joined around 3 months ago

Hi to all within the Infusionsoft Community. I’m a customer of Infusionsoft and joined around 3 months ago. Its quite the learning curve and I’m still in the learning and implementation phase.

I run my own business here in Australia which is the sales of businesses associated with the management of apartment buildings.

One of the many aims of my using Infusionsoft is to automate as much of the buyer enquiry contact, education for first time buyers and follow-up/nuture campaigns. So far I have, at least on paper 5 campaign proposals.


Welcome to the community, @Greg_Jorgensen Let us know if we can help you out with your campaigns.

Hey Greg - welcome to Infusionsoft (and to this community)!

There are lots of people here who are happy to help support you, if you want some tips and tricks for getting more out of Infusionsoft you may enjoy my blog!

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Hi @Greg_Jorgensen and welcome to Infusionsoft! Your business sounds interesting and perfect for using Infusionsoft to help you automate your processes. I’m also in Australia and have been working with Infusionsoft for 10 years. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance :slight_smile:

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Welcome Greg great to see more Aussies on board using this powerful kit!


Hey @Greg_Jorgensen I’ve just joined in the last few months too and based in Brisbane Australia. I’m loving it so far but agree, there is a bit of learning curve :slight_smile: