Hi from Los Angeles!

Hi my name is Steven and I’m fairly new to the Infusionsoft world. I’ve been a subscriber to this software for about a year but haven’t used it wisely. Looking to fully engage so we can generate more leads for our business. My wife and I run a production company out of LA that produces commercials, branded and cause based content. Check out our site below.


Looking forward to getting involved with the community here!

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Hey @Steven_Farnsworth! Glad to have you on with us! Thanks for sharing with us! Please feel free to take part in any of the discussions, happening on the community, and start some of your own!

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Hey @Steven_Farnsworth good to have you here. There’s a great bunch of talented people who are willing to give support and answer any questions. Your business sounds really interesting and I wish you much success :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Steven_Farnsworth! I love your video portfolio…very compelling content!

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Hi @Steven_Farnsworth - welcome! (And cheers from San Diego)

I think a lot of people feel the way you do (about not using it wisely) - if you’re looking for suggestions, tips, or best practices to get more out of Infusionsoft, then I might be able to help.

My business (Monkeypod Marketing) is focused on supporting Infusionsoft users, and more specifically, educational courses and resources. Some of them are paid, but I recommend starting with my blog or YouTube channel just to see if you can pick up a few things.

Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll be happy to point you toward a resource if I have one!