Is there a way to delay emails

We are trying to increase our google reviews and in doing so we identified some of our top clients from 2018 and want to send them an email asking them to leave us a review. The only problem is, I don’t want them all to get the email at once, but rather maybe 10-15 of them daily so as to avoid google dinging our SEO if for whatever reason everyone plans to post a review on the same day/week.

That said, has anyone found a way to kind of create a funnel for emails where smaller batches are sent over a period of time?



Not sure if you have 3rd party systems, but PlusThis has a feature that can automatically segment your market, so you could peel off 5% of your database (run a looping campaign that sends to 5% of your list weekly, etc.).

If you are doing manually, I don’t know how many contacts we’re talking about, but I’ve done this where I created a campaign with X number of entry points (tag). Each entry point goes to a sequence with a timer (now, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc.) and then it kicks off the review request campaign. Export the data, assign a ‘group number’ to each contact. When importing, that ‘group number’ is a tag that puts them into the sequences. They then sit and wait until their assigned time and then it triggers the review campaign.

Hope that helps.


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