Delays in email dispatch. Why?

Hi guys, I have a segment of 120k big list.

I apply a tag that trigers then the current weeks newsletter (all published as a campaign).

Problem is thou, it all goes out in one big batch. So I thought to be clever and used Priority 3 - it takes like 1h30min or so to apply the tags. Why I don’t understand is that if there’s no delay timers, why the emails don’t get send out like 1k every minute or so. It would make less stress on receiving end and also probably would end with more even website traffic.

Just saying… maybe there’s another way?

Hi @Sandis_Viksna_MoreNi

I am going to ping one of our engineers to take a look at this post, as we have been working on a number of things to increase performance in the software. You appear to have pinpointed the fact that a lengthy action is running, is delaying the dispatch of the email that is “next on the to-do list”

your idea of batching out ‘small batches’ throughout the process absolutely makes sense though. I am not sure what that would look like, in terms of making the system behave like this, but I will be getting some eyes on this.

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Thanks James, would be great to see what can be done, as say first 100 names where tagged and queued to be sent out at 5pm, but they all had to wait till 6:30pm when the last contact was processed.

As per the other point on small batches - see, if the first one was working, then it would have achieved that functionality without any extras. However, if you can, then that would be a great feature to cap speed of dispatch or break them down in smaller groups, be it limit per 10 mins, or per hour or per send.

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