Automatically run an action set

We are bringing new contacts into our database from another application by API. Is it possible to automatically run an action set when a new contact meeting certain criteria is added to the database?

Thanks so much for any assistance!

You can kick off a campaign with an API goal, so upon submissions of API to add the record, just start a campaign that runs whatever decision diamonds you want to segment your audience to run whatever automation you want.



Oh, thanks Jeff. That’s exactly what I was hoping for from the “hive mind.”

I set up the campaign; however, I don’t know what to put in the “Integration” and “Call Name” boxes to configure the API. I am not a coder or programmer. What I’ve read says that it can be anything I want or that I get this information from the 3rd party application, but they don’t know what I’m talking about…

I appreciate any guidance!


I don’t do API myself, either, so I’m sorry I can’t give specifics. All of the integrations I use specifically indicated what needs to go where.

Sorry … but we’ll need to throw this out to the API folks to answer.


This is definitely possible and I’ll see if I can help with the API details!

You’re probably using the Create a Contact API call when you’re importing your contacts through the API, so I’m hoping that in the same place the is code making that API call you are also doing the logic to determine if the action set / goal should be triggered. If so, what you’re looking for (if the contact meets the criteria) is to have the code make a call to Achieve API Goal.

When you use that API call, you have to pass in an “integration_name” and a “call_name”. When your code tells Infusionsoft to achieve the goal with this API call, Infusionsoft will look for any goal in any campaign that has the same integration name and call name that you’re telling it in your api call, so just make sure that the names are the same in your code and also in your campaign and you will be ok!

If you’re using the XML-RPC API let me know and I can point you to the right place.

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