Customerhub pass email address to ISFT form

We’ve had multiple cases where we want to take a customer from Customerhub to an Infusionsoft form. But each time we’ve found that there’s no way to pass contact ID or email address when we load the form from a Customerhub Action Link.

It’s incredible to me that two Infusionsoft products can’t talk to one another. Has anyone discovered a way to do this?

Hi Bob,

Sorry for the delay on any replies here, over the weekend on this one. I see on the FB group, that it looks like you came across some ideas, and actually sorted out a solution, yourself, to get this to work with an action link?

Hi Bob, I had a similar issue arise and wanted to ask if you figured this out?

I would like to put an Infusionsoft form in CustomerHub without requiring name/email fields and then tie the form answer back to the Infusionsoft record when someone is logged into CustomerHub. During recent tests, it’s creating a No Name record in Infusionsoft and not capturing the form input data. I see some notes from James Mefford about a Facebook group which provided the answer via an Action Link? Please let me know. Thank you.

John Pfeiffer